Call for Proposals – an Edited Collection of Essays:

Women (Re)Writing Milton: A Global Perspective

We are pleased to invite you to submit a chapter to this forthcoming volume of collected essays: Women (Re)Writing Milton: A Global Perspective. The objective of this project is not only to offer the first ever study to discuss the reception Milton’s work on women from across the globe, but also to be the first publication to offer detailed analyses of how female authors, artists and academics have experienced and engaged with the writings of one of England’s most influential seventeenth-century figures. While a number of studies have examined Milton’s representation of and attitudes towards women – particularly focusing upon Eve, his most essential female character – a study which offers to consider why and how Eve responded to Milton, especially in her global (non-Euro-centric) form surprisingly remains lacking. This volume will supply that need and is intended to serve a wide readership globally, including Milton specialists, university lecturers, postgraduate and undergraduate students, as well as other practitioners interested in Gender and/or Global studies. We would appreciate chapter-length contributions (6000-8000 words) centred, but not exclusively so, on the following themes:

  • Milton and Women or Milton’s Women
  • Global Milton or Milton beyond European Borders
  • Milton Migrates or Women Translating Milton
  • Women (Re)writing/Revising Milton or Eve Responding to Milton
  • Milton’s silent/deformed/forgotten women or Milton through the Female Gaze
  • Milton within the Feminine Space or Milton and the Intellectual Feminine (academia/art)
  • Milton and the Fallen Feminine or Milton and Misogyny
  • Milton Retold or Milton and the Female Narrative (Folklore)
  • Milton and Female Art or Women Performing/Adapting Milton
  • Milton’s Textual Metamorphosis or Milton Reborn

Type of Contributions

  • Case studies: in-depth reports on translating, performing, adapting or teaching Milton, namely by women, and if relevant whether such experiences were politicised.
  • Full research papers: both quantitative and qualitative contributions that study a particular aspect of Milton’s work in relation to women, the feminine or the lack of such concepts in transforming his reception globally, throughout the intervening centuries and in different sectors, such as academia, art, literature or politics.
  • Research in progress will also be considered in the book provided the findings are of substantial relevance to this book.
  • Systematic reviews that scrutinise existing studies may also be accepted.

We welcome papers from all disciplines in the arts, humanities and sciences, covering any historical period. When submitting an abstract, please provide:

  • Name, degree, position, affiliation, and a brief bio including a teaching and publication summary.
  • Preferred contact details (email and mailing address).
  • Chapter title and descriptive sub-header.

Titles and abstracts of no more than 500 words should be sent to . Authors are requested to submit the chapter proposal by 15th February 2019. We expect to receive the completed chapter by 30th September 2019.

Dr Sharihan Al-Akhras and Dr Mandy Green

University of Durham, UK