The Centre for Reformation and Renaissance Studies, the Department of English & the Canadian Research Chairs Program at the University of Toronto presents

Canada Milton Seminar XI

Friday-Saturday 13-14 May 2016

David Norbrook (University of Oxford), Lucy Hutchinson, Milton, and the Writing of Theology

Thomas H. Luxon (Dartmouth College), Heroic Restorations: Milton and Dryden

Dayton Haskin (Boston College), Milton in the Tomb of Dead Languages

Rachel Trubowitz (University of New Hampshire), ’Nor vacuous the space’: Milton’s Chaos and Vacuist-Plenist Controversy

David Ainsworth (U of Alabama, Tuscaloosa)

Erin Webster (Birkbeck College, London / U of T)

Alison Chapman (U of Alabama, Birmingham)

Ryan Hackenbracht (Texas Tech U)

Alumni Hall, Old Victoria College, 93 Charles Street West, Toronto

Registration: $55 CAD (Faculty) and $25 CAD (Students)

Banquet: $70 CAD